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Owl Freestyle Downhill Longboard- Complete

Owl Freestyle Downhill Longboard- Complete
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Owl Freestyle Downhill Longboard- Complete

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The symmetrical Owl freestyle dropthrough board pops, spins and slides like a dream. The W concave and raised shoulder edges mean you’re always in control while doing tricks. The wrapped bamboo construction makes the board bouncy and responsive as well as strong. Also available as deck only.DECK / Freestyle DT / 40″ x 10″ / 8 Ply Bamboo Core wrapped in Maple, Fibre and Laminate / Adjustable Wheelbase 22.7″ – 25.5″ / Griptape Cut 0.5″ From Edge / Laser Burn Logo / Pre Gripped with Rare Anchor Extra Course Griptape.
TRUCKS / Rare Lights, Custom Mould 7″ RKP Trucks.
WHEELS / Rare Rippers, Custom Mould Urethane / 75mm x 45mm Contact, 80a / Flat Edge & Top / Pre Slid.
PARTS / Rare Urethane 90a Bushings / Rare Everlast ABEC 9 Bearings.

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Dimensions 80 × 30 × 20 cm