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Ufo Wheels Paint Splat Yellow

Ufo Wheels Paint Splat Yellow
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Ufo Wheels Paint Splat Yellow

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Sacrifice UFO Wheels

The new UFO wheels are one of the lightest on the market. We are the first brand to use a new high wall PU that we’ve developed with our riders who all say it performs amazingly.

The wheels also feature:

Super light weight Hollow-Tech design, with hollow inner core walls, so reducing weight where not needed and keeping strength where needed. The super light weight wheel means it will keep like you’re riding a spaceship, fast and smooth.

Sacrifice exclusive high wall PU for incredible balance while riding. This was developed over 18 months with our Pro Team and developers through our tireless and strict testing process. This is now used in all Sacrifice wheels throughout the range.

Sacrifice exclusive anti de-hubbing system that we are famous for throughout our wheel range.

Come fitted as standard with Sacrifice Roller Coaster ABEC 11 Bearings and are available in two sizes, 110mm and 120mm.
10x colours: neo, black / rainbow, black / wood grain, jamaica, white / purple, red / red, blue / polished, black / black, black / gold, white / blue

* Weight 245G ( This is including bearings and spacer)
* High Wall PU
* Full Core


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